Pawfect Therapies



What can Pawfect Therapies dog walking service offer you?

• A reliable dog walking service in South Edinburgh
• Fun and engaging walks that tire both your dogs body and mind
• Assurance that your dog is being well looked after whilst you are at work
• An opportunity for your dog to socialise with other dogs
• Holistic dog walker that focuses on the needs of your dog
• Positive reinforced basic obedience training and loose lead walking

Dog_WalkingDog walking details

My group walks consist of 3-6 dogs, so that each dog has my full attention. They will only be let off the lead when in a safe, traffic free environment. All new dogs will be walked on-lead until we have bonded and I am happy with their recall level.

For whatever reason you need a dog walker, you may be hesitant if you do not know the person. I completely understand this, as feel exactly the same about my dog. To help reassure prospective clients, I offer a FREE consultation where you can discuss any concerns you may have.

Dog walking prices

Group walks………………..£12 per hour
(£11 for additional dogs from the same household)

Puppy/ Senior dog visits….£12 

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to book a consultation.

Mob: 07845 649 100